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Designer Nicola Glass joined Kate Spade in January of 2018 following 13 years at Michael Kors, where she was senior vice president of accessories design. Before that, she worked in accessories design at Gucci and was educated at the Royal College of Art in London. Glass currently resides in Dumbo with her husband and son and says that if she wasn’t a designer, she would be a professional surfer. Also, she’s a twin!

Kate Spade’s Spring 2019 runway show.

“I didn’t want to come from a very thematic approach with the collection; it was looking at some of those key foundations of the color, the silhouette, but in a way that we wanted to make feel very modern and not vintage-y in any way,” the soft-spoken Glass says in her newly redecorated office. “I really wanted this feeling of lightness and fluidity with the clothing as well, so going back to that easiness to wear and also having a little bit of tension where, yes, there’s feminine details, but there also — whether it’s a bit of an element of cool or some thing that feels sophisticated — there’s also a youthful spirit to it as well.”


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